Legend of Song de Light audio book

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The stories within Legend of Song de Light
connect, unfold, interweave many character's stories
needs, feelings, desires, dreams

their threads as two crescent moons
connected under the firelights
that layer the chords, and form the lyrics

all of you entered my world as dawn's awakening sky of soft palette
my garnet heart melted in iridescence to bloom in sun's rays
glow in night's depth as the stars echo the rhythm of my heart
my insides sigh and expand in delight
harmonious blend as our lives
circle the melody 


And, recorded in my voice with a blend of music like a heart's wave into downloadable mp3 files.


An audio book that is interwoven in the #lovecontusongdelightlovecontu series.


an excerpt from Legend of Song de Light audio book

"...As my imagination worked its magic, I vibrated to a guitar string's luxurious touch..."


Upon completion of your purchase, the link for the mp3 files is emailed to you.  If you have any questions, now, as you listen to the story, or after, please email me at melodicprose@kaitlynzq.com.  I'm also available by any of the ways noted on the contact me page.  Thank you, Kaitlynzq


Publication Date:  October 26, 2018
© Kaitlynzq