giving tree

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giving tree

community sharing extension

I am deeply honored when someone comes into my community, and when I receive the gift of someone's purchase of what I write and create.

I've designed a giving tree to elongate and extend the gift of you to additional elements that I care about.  If you would like your own purchases of my books to be included within the giving tree, following are more of the details:

I give 25% of my revenue for all of my sales during multiple 3 day time frames each month to charity organizations, and additional philanthropic organizations that support the beautiful work the charity organizations are doing within these focus areas:


books, theatre, radio and nature


prose & poetry's vital role...
theatre and radio...local, independent, audio, innovative new works
animal care & human connections...endangered species
nature...restoration, preservation, conservation


Following is the charity and philanthropic organization included in March's giving tree 

March 10th - 18th
Snow Leopard Trust

And, for any of your purchases during March 10th - 18th, please use coupon code "8percent" to receive an 8% discount.

Please contact me if you have any questions.  To receive my blog & audio streams newsletter's special notes that give details about ongoing giving tree moments, my signup form is available with this link.

Thank you for the gift of you.